Audio (Mac)

Audio recordings are helpful when reviewing notes. The microphone on Mac will record nearby sounds during a class or meeting. In Notability, your notes will automatically link to recordings, so during playback, you can click a part of your note and hear what was being said when you wrote it.

Recording audio

  1. Click the in the toolbar to start a recording.
  2. Click the again to stop recording.

Note Playback

  • To start playing back an audio recording, click the chevron or down arrow in the toolbar next to the microphone, then click .
  • Use to navigate your note. Click on any content that was added during the recording to jump to that point in the audio recording.
  • Adjust the playback speed by clicking .
  • Quickly rewind 10 seconds to hear what was just said by clicking .
  • Click and hold on the scrub handle to move the playhead to a specific point in the recording.
  • To manage recordings click .
    • To turn off Note Replay, uncheck the box. Audio recordings will still playback as normal, but the note will not play back with the audio.
    • Click on a specific recording to hear just that recording.
    • To delete a recording, select it, and then Control-Click or tap on the trackpad with two fingers.

Add mp3 or mp4 audio files

Audio files can be added to notes in several ways. Drag an audio file from the desktop onto:

  • An open note. Click the chevron or down arrow next to the microphone to listen to the audio.
  • The note list. A new note will be created containing that audio file.
  • A subject. A new note will be created in that subject containing the audio file.


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