What's New in Notability for iOS

Version 7.3.1

April 16, 2018

  • Added support for the dark keyboard when using the dark theme.
  • Fixed a bug that could make PDF backgrounds disappear after renaming a note.
  • Miscellaneous stability improvements.

Version 7.3

April 10, 2018

  • Improved support for notes containing large PDFs:
    • Notes load faster and are more responsive when editing.
    • Notes use less processing power, increasing stability.
    • Search is more reliable.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that could add long straight lines from the top of a note to where you last tapped.
    • Fixed a bug that could make Notability get stuck on its blue loading screen.
    • Fixed a bug with OneDrive and Box imports for files with certain characters in their names.

Version 7.2.5

February 27, 2018

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with saving changes to a note after switching notes quickly.
    • Fixed an error with sending notes from the Notes app to Notability in iOS 11.
    • Fixed a rare case in which Notability could freeze when launching.
    • Improved error handling when recording audio.

Version 7.2.4

February 12, 2018

Please note: This is the last version that will support iOS 9.

  • Bug fixes:
    • Recording no longer stops when a PDF is added to a current note.
    • Recording counter now displays properly when split screen size is changed.
    • Fixed an issue with exporting multiple notes on MDM-configured devices.

Version 7.2.2

January 17, 2018

  • Bug fix: Restored 20-minute segments for audio recordings.

Version 7.2.1

December 20, 2017

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed an error with recording audio on iOS 9.
    • Page margin settings are now saved for Auto-backup.

Version 7.2

December 15, 2017

  • Made search considerably faster.
  • Added a toggle to make one-inch margins optional for exported PDFs.
  • Added a preview to show what notes will look like when exported as PDFs.
  • Improved audio recovery when Notability crashes or is closed while recording.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Notes are no longer duplicated if you turn iCloud syncing off and back on.
    • Fixed a bug that removed the "Add to this note" option when importing files.
    • Fixed a bug with the sort options in the "Add to other note" menu.
    • Fixed a bug with spellcheck for dialects like "French (Belgium)" and "Spanish (Latin American)".
    • Fixed a bug that duplicated folders in Google Drive when exporting notes.
    • Fixed a bug with jumping to another page of a PDF while the page navigator is open.
    • Fixed a bug that made Notability's import menu unresponsive the menu it was first opened.
    • Fixed a bug that could overwrite existing files when importing files from iOS 11's Files app.
    • Fixed a bug that kept text boxes from being created in certain situations.
    • Fixed a crash when dragging sticky notes with a lot of handwriting.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when syncing notes through iCloud.
    • Sending a PDF from iOS 11's Files app to Notability now allows page selection.
  • Fixed a bug with is no longer a double error message when changing a note's name to the name of an existing note.

Version 7.1

October 31, 2017

  • Added a setting to change the speed of text-to-speech in Notability's preferences.
  • Added zoom for taking pictures on iPhone.
  • Tapping a note in the Files app now opens a preview of the note in Notability.

Version 7.0.2

October 10, 2017

  • Added support for Managed App Configuration. Schools and businesses that use mobile device management (MDM) software can now manage access to features like cloud services, the web clips browser, and Giphy. To learn more, check out our guide.
  • Bug fixes:
    • In iOS 11, writing near the bottom of the screen no longer activates the dock.
    • Restored the ability to drag multiple notes into a subject at once.
    • Restored the ability to select all notes in a subject at once.
    • Fixed an issue where font favorites were not saved.
    • Fixed an issue where some PDFs did not load properly.
    • Fixed an issue where page navigation interfered with handwriting.
    • Fixed crashes when the keyboard is displayed during multitasking.
    • Box: Fixed issues with international characters in file names.
    • OneDrive: Fixed issues with long file and folder names.

Version 7.0.1

September 23, 2017

  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed an issue with connecting to WebDAV servers.
    • Fixed an issue with activating hyperlinks in PDFs.
    • Fixed a crash when taking pictures on iOS 11.
    • Fixed a crash when backing up notes to Google Drive.
    • Fixed a crash when editing text in left-handed mode on iOS 9.
    • Fixed a crash when displaying the volume options of a recording.
    • Bringing up the dock no longer interferes with Notability's buttons and controls.

Version 7.0

September 18, 2017

  • Notability is now compatible with iOS 11!
  • Added support for Drag and Drop in iOS 11. To see everything you can do with Drag and Drop so far, check out our guide.
  • Added buttons for cut, copy, paste, bold, italics, and underline to the iOS keyboard while typing in a note.
  • Added support for Box business accounts, single sign-on (SSO), and Entreprise Mobility Management (EMM).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed many bugs specific to iOS 11.
    • Made typing faster and more responsive.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur while typing in Split View.
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