Managing Features with Managed App Configuration

You can use mobile device management (MDM) software to disable certain features in Notability.

What features can I disable?

  • iCloud syncing
  • Access to other cloud services
  • Giphy and Web Clip browsers
  • Camera and photo access

How do I make a configuration file?

Configuration files are XML dictionaries that contain specific keys and values defined by an app's developer. Notability configuration files can be used like so:

  • To disable access to a cloud service, remove the service from the "Allowed Cloud Services" array.
  • To disable another feature, set the feature's value from "true" to "false".

For steps on sending a configuration file to managed devices, please see your MDM software's documentation.

Sample Configuration Files

What is managed app configuration?

MDM servers can send XML files that configure apps to managed devices. An app's developer must add support for reading these files. Once a config file is received by a device, iOS notifies the app that its settings have changed, and the app changes accordingly. To learn more, see this guide from Apple.

Before moving forward, please read this guide on how to manage licenses safely. 


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