Troubleshooting Auto-backup

Expected Behavior

If Auto-backup is on, a backup progress circle will appear near the bottom left corner of the screen after you edit a note and return to your list of notes.

If Backups Don't Run

If the backup progress circle doesn't appear, Notability may be in Safe Mode, which disables Auto-backup. In that case, turning Safe Mode off should make backups run:

  1. Open your device's Settings app.
  2. Tap "Notability".
    • On an iPad, this is in the column on the left.
  3. If the "Safe Mode" toggle is enabled, tap the toggle to disable it.
    • On an iPad, this will be in the column on the right.

If Backups Are "Stopped"

If the backup progress circle turns into the word "Stopped", Notability may have an issue trying to back up a specific note. If you imported a particularly long file shortly before the error began, deleting and reimporting that note may fix things.

If you're not sure what note is causing problems, you can narrow in on the issue by limiting backups to a few subjects at a time:

  1. Go to Notability's Auto-backup options.
  2. Tap the gear to the right of your backup destination.
  3. Tap the names of all but one or two subjects to remove the checkmark next to them. This will exclude the notes in those subjects from backups.
  4. See if backups succeed for the limited set of subjects.
  5. If backups did succeed, turn backups back on for more subjects, and repeat until finding a subject that causes the "Stopped" message.
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