Exporting Notes

Send your notes to other apps in multiple file formats with the steps below. 

From the Library 

  1. Tap threedotsnoteview.png > Select Notes.
  2. Tap the notes you’d like to export. 
  3. Tap Share.
    • Share Note to send via Apple’s Share menu. 
    • Email Note to email via Apple’s Mail app.
    • [Cloud Storage Service] to send to the storage service you’re logged (in your Notability Settings).
    • Publish to Gallery to share with the Notability community.
      • Notes can only be published to the Gallery one at a time. 

From a Note 

  1. Open the note you’d like to export. 
  2. Select threedotsnoteview.png > Quick Share to send via Apple’s Share menu.
  3. Select threedotsnoteview.png > Share Options to Share Note, Email Note, send to [Cloud Storage Service], and Publish to Gallery.