Sharing Notes

Send your notes to other apps in multiple file formats with the steps below. 

From the Library 

  1. Tap threedotsnoteview.png > Select Notes
  2. Tap the notes you’d like to export 
  3. Tap Share and a Share Options menu will appear: 
    • File Format: Choose from PDF, Note, JPEG, or PNG 
      • Each file format has different options under More options for you to customize. 
    • Connected services: Tap on the connected service to view folders in that third party service and to export.
  4. Tap Share in the top right corner of the Share options menu and Apple's share menu will appear. 

From a Note 

  1. Open the note you’d like to export.
  2. Select threedotsnoteview.png to open the Options menu
    • Quick Share to export via Apple’s Share menu.
    • Share Options to select a file format to export the note in, choose a connected service to export to, and access Apple's share menu. 
    • Publish to Gallery to share with Notability's Gallery community (unavailable in China Mainland, Hong Kong, and Macau).