Handwriting and Highlighting (Mac)

Use a variety of colors, widths, and styles to quickly focus on the important parts of your notes. One quick tip: to write small, zoom in on the note and write or sketch.

  1. Select in the toolbar to handwrite.
  2. Select in the toolbar to highlight.
  3. Select in the toolbar to erase handwriting.
  4. Click to show the styling panel that includes line width, pen colors and styles.

Highlight text in typing mode:

  • Click to enter typing mode.
  • Double click a word to select it, or click and drag to select multiple words.
  • Secondary click selected text (or Command-Control-H) to highlight.
  • To change the highlight color or to remove a highlight, secondary click a highlighted word and select 'Edit Highlight'.

Please note, this method works for regular text that you typed and for text in PDFs.

Styling handwriting and drawings

You can scale, rotate, style, and delete a drawn object by selecting from the toolbar.

  • Drag a rectangle around the object that you want to style.
  • All drag handles will scale the selected area. Hold down the Shift key and use the middle drag handles to stretch the selection vertically or horizontally.
  • To rotate the selected area, mouse over the area just outside the corner drag handles. A curved arrow will appear. Click and hold while moving the selection. When rotating, if you hold down the Shift key, you can rotate the selection at intervals to reach 45 and 90 degrees easily.
  • Control-click or two finger tap on a trackpad in the middle of the selected area to Cut, Copy, Deselect, and more.
  • Click and hold in the middle of selected area to drag the drawing to new location.


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