Layout (iOS)

On iPad

The Library displays notes on the right side of the screen with subjects and dividers on the left side of the screen. Tools for editing EDIT, sharing , importing , and composing notes are at the top of the screen. The bottom toolbar has settings , help , and information .

On iPhone

Notability is arranged in two main views:

  • Library
  • Note

Library View

Organize notes in the library view. This view is composed of two main panels: the subject list and the note list.

  • Subjects can be reordered to provide the ideal view. Use dividers to organize subjects into groups. The All subject will display every note in Notability. The Unfiled subject will display any note that isn't currently in a subject.

  • Once a subject is selected, the note list will appear. Notes can be sorted in several ways: by name, date created or date modified. Tap to create a new note or tap , at the top of the note list, to import a note from a cloud service. Also, notes can be moved between subjects to reorganize them. To move notes, see Sorting and Moving.

Note View

Create and capture information in the note view by using the pen, text, highlighter, eraser, scissors, or the camera. Also, the mic will record audio and link it to any typed text or pictures.

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