Adding Images, Web Clips, and Stickies (iOS)

Enrich notes by using media to illustrate important information.

On iPad

  • Tap to see media.
  • Tap note-btn-insertMedia-image_2x.png to add a photo.
  • Tap note-btn-insertMedia-photo_2x.png to take a picture.
  • Tap note-btn-insertMedia-gif_2x.png to add a GIF.
  • Tap note-btn-insertMedia-figure_2x.png to add a figure.
  • Tap note-btn-insertMedia-webClip_2x.png to insert a webclip.
  • Tap note-btn-insertMedia-blocks_2x.png to add a sticky note.

Pictures and sticky notes can be added by tapping or dragging them into the note.

On iPhone

  1. Tap the currently selected tool.
  2. Tap to take a picture or add one from your photo album.

You can also take a photo directly from the typing toolbar when typing.

Editing media objects

After adding media to a note, you can edit the item like so:

  1. While using the text tool, tap an item with one finger to select it.
    • Alternatively, tap an item with two fingers while using another tool.
  2. To move the item, tap and drag it.
  3. To resize the item, tap and drag one of its corners.
  4. To delete the item, tap "Delete" from the menu above it.


Find a variety of useful tools under utilities .

  •  Change paper style to fit your note-taking needs.
  •  Open the in-app user guide.
  •  On iPhone, share a note through email or a cloud service.
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