Creating a New Note

iPad and Mac

  1. In the Library, select .
  2. IMG_CE79D7A3110B-1.jpeg
    Information on tools (from left to right): 
    •  The text tool lets you type.
    •  The pencil lets you write.
    •  The highlighter lets you highlight.
    •  The eraser lets you erase handwriting.
    •  The lasso let you edit handwriting.
    •  The hand lets you scroll through a note.
  3. The note will save when you return to the Library.


  1. In a subject, select .
  2. Tap on the currently selected tool to change tools
  3. Use to scroll around the note.
  4. The note will save when you return to the subject.

Note: When Notability is in Left-handed mode, the toolbar will appear at bottom of the screen. This is designed to help users who rest their palms at the top. You can disable that to move the toolbar to the top: "Notability Settings > Handwriting tab > Left-handed Mode."