Handwriting and Highlighting

You can write notes, draw diagrams, sign documents, annotate and highlight PDFs, sketch pictures, and more.

Adding Handwriting

  1. Select  or .
    (On iPhone, tap the currently selected tool first.)
  2. Use a finger, stylus, or writing tablet to write, sketch, highlight, or color anywhere.

Changing Ink Color, Width, or Style (Dotted and Dashed Lines)

  • On iPad and Mac, select  or  again.
      • Access dotted and dashed lines by swiping over to the second pen styles page. 
  • On iPhone, tap .

Erasing Handwriting

  1. Select .
  2. Tap a handwritten stroke to erase it.

Adding Favorites

Undoing and Redoing Changes

To Undo:

  • Tap to undo your latest change.
  • On iOS 13, double-tap the screen twice using three fingers.
  • On iOS 13, swipe left on the screen with three fingers.

To Redo:

  • Press and hold to access the Redo button.
  • On iOS 13, swipe right on the screen with three fingers.

Editing Handwriting

  1. Select .
    Optionally, choose  again to change the selection style.
  2. Circle the handwriting you'd like to edit.
    • Tip: Transform an existing line into a dotted or dashed line by going to Style and then selecting a dotted or dashed line style.
  3. To move handwriting, tap/click and drag it.
  4. To restyle, cut, copy, or delete handwriting, tap inside the dotted line.
  5. To paste handwriting, tap and hold at a new location after using cut or copy.
  6. To resize handwriting, place two fingers in the selected area and pinch or expand.
  7. To rotate handwriting, place two fingers in the selected area and rotate.

Scrolling while Writing

  • On iPhone, use the scroll bar on the right side of the screen to scroll with one finger.
  • On iPad and elsewhere on iPhone, use two fingers to scroll.

To learn more about handwriting, see Automatic Palm Detection and Zooming for Detailed Work.

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