Zoom View

You can capture fine details in a note by zooming in to sketch or write. 

Enabling Zoom View

  1. Tap zoom view.jpegin your toolbox. 

A zoom window will appear at the bottom of the screen, and a zoom target box will appear above it.

  • Anything you write in the zoom window will appear in the target box.
  • To move the target box, tap anywhere on the screen.
  • To resize the target box, use a two-finger pinch anywhere on the screen.
    Alternatively, on iPad, tap and drag the box's bottom right corner.


  1. To zoom in, place two fingers together on the screen and spread them apart.
  2. To zoom out, place two fingers apart on the screen and pinch together.


The zoom window tracks a small part of the note and auto-scrolls with you as you finish writing in the highlighted area of the window. It'll continue to scroll to the right until it hits the edge of the note and returns to a new line.

zoom settings.jpeg

  • Select, holdzoom settings copy 1.jpegand move vertically to adjust where the zoom box is anchored. 
  • Selectzoom settings copy 2.jpegto advance the zoom box to the right or left.
  • Select zoom settings copy 3.jpeg to advance the zoom box downwards.  

highlighted area.jpeg

Adjust the width of the highlighted area in the zoom box by using the blue arrow in the corner to adjust the size of the area for auto-scroll.