Content Manager and Bulk Actions

Use the Content Manager to quickly navigate and manage the pages in your note. 


Tap on the page in the upper right corner of a note to open the Content Manager

  1. All Pages displays the thumbnails for all of the pages. 
  2. Tap on all to see other view options. 
    • Bookmarks displays the thumbnails for bookmarked pages. 
      • To bookmark a page, tap pm.
    • Notes displays the thumbnails for annotated pages. 
  • To move a page, select and hold its thumbnail. Then drag it up or down.
  • To enable Grid View tap on the two arrows icon in the bottom right corner. 


In the Content Manager, you can manage your pages with the following actions:

  • Add Page to add a page after the one you’ve selected.
  • Cut to cut a page from the note.
  • Copy to copy a page onto your clipboard. 
    • Tip: You can open another note and paste that page in it. 
  • Create Template will save that page as a custom template under the My Templates section of your Templates menu. 
  • Clear Page to remove all content from that page. 
  • Delete Page to delete the page from the note. 

Individual Page

Tap on the threedotsnoteview.png on the bottom left of the thumbnail of a page to choose from the actions listed above. 

Bulk Actions: Multiple Pages 

Tap or click Select on the bottom of the Page Manager menu.

Select the thumbnails of pages by tapping/clicking on them, or tap/click on the threedotsnoteview.png and Select All

Once the pages are chosen, you can copyicon.jpeg to copy the pages, duplicateicon.jpeg to duplicate them, or threedotsnoteview.pngto use the rest of the actions (listed above). 


Pages with PDF backgrounds will include the actions listed above and the following: 

  • Rotate to rotate the PDF page. 
  • Copy Background to copy the PDF background from one page and paste it onto another page.
    • Tip: You can open another note and paste the PDF background in it.