Page Manager and Bulk Actions

Use the Page Manager to take action with individual pages of a note.

To scroll freely through a note, use .

Navigating within a Note

  • Select pagemanager_2x.png to open the Page Manager and to see all pages.
  • Select annotate_2x.png to see annotated pages when using PDFs.
  • Select bookmark_2x.png to see bookmarked pages.
  • Select search_2x.png to search the note.

Changing Pages

  • Select the arrows by the page number to move to the previous or next page.
  • Select the top number and type in a number to jump to that page.

Page Manager

  • On iPad, click/tap pagemanager_2x.png to open the Page Manager.
  • Click/tap on a thumbnail to select it. 
    • Tap a selected thumbnail to:
      • Add Page
      • Cut
      • Copy
      • Copy Background
      • Paste
      • Rotate (PDF pages only)
      • Create Template
      • Clear Page
      • Delete Page
  • To move a page, select and hold its thumbnail. Then drag it up or down.
  • To bookmark a page, tap bookmark_2x.png.
  • To view in Grid View tap on the two arrows icon in the bottom right corner. 

Bulk Actions

  • Tap/click "Select" on the bottom left side of the Page Manager. 
  • Choose as many pages as you'd like and select an action to perform in bulk: 
    • Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Bookmark, Rotate, Copy Backgrounds, Clear Page, and Delete