Typing Text

Fill out forms, write outlines, annotate documents, add captions, and more.

Typing Notes

  1. Tap .
    (On iPhone, tap the currently selected tool first.)
  2. Tap the screen to place the cursor on a line.

Making a Text Box

  1. Tap .
  2. Press-and-hold anywhere in a note.
  3. Tap the "+Text Box" button that appears.

Highlighting Typed Text and PDF Text

  1. Tap .
  2. Double-tap a word to select it.
  3. Drag the selection handle as desired.
  4. Tap "Highlight".
  5. To change the highlight color or remove highlighting, tap a highlighted word and use the menu that appears.

The iPad Keyboard Toolbar

  • Tap to change the font.
  • Tap to change the text color.
  • Tap  to change the text size.
  • Tap to make a list or outline.
  • Tap note-btn-listsChecklist_2x.png to make a checklist.
  • Use to style fonts.

Preset Font Styles

Access up to three font styles quickly.

  1. Tap to set up a favorite text style.
  2. To change a preset font, press and hold .

Customizing the Toolbar

You can customize the keyboard toolbar to access commonly used tools quickly.

  1. Press and hold the toolbar to open the tool list.
  2. Press and hold a tool to drag it on or off the toolbar:
    •  bulleted list
    •  numbered list
    •  cursor controls
    •  recently opened notes

The iPhone Keyboard Toolbar

  • Tap  to access styling tools.
    • Tap to change the font.
    • To change the font color, tap the current font, then tap .
    • Tap + and – or drag the slider to adjust font size.
    • Tap A, B, or C to select a preset font.
    • Tap to return to the keyboard.
  • Tap note-btn-listsChecklist_2x.png to make a checklist.
  • Tap to make a bulleted () or numbered () list.
  • Tap to take a photo or add a photo from an album.
  • Tap to dismiss the keyboard.
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