Typing Text and Text Boxes

Fill out forms, write outlines, annotate documents, add captions, and more.

Typing Notes

  1. Tap .
    (On iPhone, tap the currently selected tool first.)
  2. Tap the screen to place the cursor on a line.

Making a Text Box

  1. Tap .
  2. Select "Draw Text Boxes".
  3. Using your Apple Pencil, stylus or finger (if no stylus is connected), tap the area of the note where you want to draw the text box and pull down until the text box is your desired size.

Alternative method:

  1. Tap .
  2. Press-and-hold anywhere in a note.
  3. Tap the "+Text Box" button that appears.


Scribble can be activated via the tool. Tap the tool and select Scribble.

Write in a text box and your words will automatically transform to typed text.

Highlighting Typed Text and PDF Text

  1. Tap .
  2. Double-tap a word to select it.
  3. Drag the selection handle as desired.
  4. Tap "Highlight".
  5. To change the highlight color or remove highlighting, tap a highlighted word and use the menu that appears.

The iPad Keyboard Toolbar

  • Tap to change the font.
  • Tap to change the text color.
  • Tap  to change the text size.
  • Tap to make a list or outline.
  • Tap note-btn-listsChecklist_2x.png to make a checklist.
  • Use to style fonts.

Preset Font Styles

Access up to three font styles quickly.

  1. Tap to set up a favorite text style.
  2. To change a preset font, press and hold .

Customizing the Toolbar

You can customize the keyboard toolbar to access commonly used tools quickly.

  1. Press and hold the toolbar to open the tool list.
  2. Press and hold a tool to drag it on or off the toolbar:
    •  bulleted list
    •  numbered list
    •  cursor controls
    •  recently opened notes

The iPhone Keyboard Toolbar

  • Tap  to access styling tools.
    • Tap to change the font.
    • To change the font color, tap the current font, then tap .
    • Tap + and – or drag the slider to adjust font size.
    • Tap A, B, or C to select a preset font.
    • Tap to return to the keyboard.
  • Tap note-btn-listsChecklist_2x.png to make a checklist.
  • Tap to make a bulleted () or numbered () list.
  • Tap to take a photo or add a photo from an album.
  • Tap to dismiss the keyboard.
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