Typing Text (iOS)

Fill out forms, create outlines, annotate documents, add captions, type reports, and much more.

On iPad

Typing notes

  1. Tap to enter typing mode.
  2. Tap the screen to place the cursor on a line. This will also show the keyboard.

Highlighting text in typing mode

  1. Tap  to enter typing mode.
  2. Double-tap a word to select it.
  3. Drag the selection handle to expand the selection.
  4. Tap "Highlight" in the menu.
  5. To change the highlight color or to remove a highlight, tap a highlighted word and make your selections from the popover.

This method works for text that you type and for text in PDFs.

Keyboard toolbar

This toolbar provides easy access to essential typing tools.

  • Tap to change the font.
  • Tap to change the text color.
  • Tap  to change the font size.
  • Tap to make a list or outline.
  • Tap note-btn-listsChecklist_2x.png to add a checklist.
  • Use to style fonts.

Preset font styles

Access up to three different font styles quickly.

  1. Tap to set up a new font style.
  2. To change a preset font, tap and hold .

Customizable toolbar

For faster access to commonly used tools, you can customize Notability's keyboard toolbar.

  1. Press and hold the toolbar to open the tool list.
  2. Press and hold a tool to drag it on or off the keyboard toolbar:
    •  bulleted list
    •  numbered list
    •  cursor controls
    •  recently opened notes

On iPhone

Typing notes

  1. Tap the currently selected tool to display the other available tools.
  2. Tap to enter typing mode.
  3. Tap the screen to place the cursor and show the keyboard.
  4. Tap to close the keyboard.

Keyboard tools

The provides access to essential styling tools.

  • Tap to change the font.
  • To change the font color, tap the currently selected font, then tap .
  • Tap + and – or drag the slider to adjust font size.
  • Tap A, B, or C to select a preset font.
  • Tap to return to the keyboard.


Tap note-btn-listsChecklist_2x.png to add a checklist.


Tap to make a list. Choose from bulleted  and numbered outlines.


Tap to take a photo or add a photo from an album to your note.

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