Recording and Playing Audio (iOS)

Listening to your note a second time helps you review and retain information. Audio recordings are linked to everything you write, type, highlight, or draw. During playback, you can simply tap on anything in your note, and you will jump to that point in the recording. Even notes you add during playback will link to the audio recording.

Recording Audio

  1. Tap  to start recording. While the app records, an input meter and timer will be visible.
  2. Tap again to stop recording.

Note Playback

When you replay a note, you can watch it unfold as you listen to the audio recording. You can also go to a specific point in the recording by tapping on any part of the note preview with the navigation tool.

  • Tap to enter playback mode.
  • Tap to start replaying your note.

Replaying Notes

  • Watch your note play back as you listen to the audio recording with "Note Replay". Tap to turn "Note Replay" on or off.
  • To listen to your recording at 0.7x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x speeds, tap .
  • To jump back in your recording, tap .

Navigating a Recording

  • During playback, tap . Then tap a word or object to jump to that point in the recording.
  • Drag the playhead to scroll through the recording.
  • To find a specific point in a recording, tap and drag your finger down. This slows the scrolling rate when you drag the playhead left or right.

Deleting a Recording

  1. Tap while in playback.
  2. Tap "Manage Recordings".
  3. Tap "Edit". Then tap the red minus sign to delete the recording.
  4. Alternatively, swipe right-to-left on a recording. Then tap "Delete".

Exporting Audio

When sharing a note, there are two ways to export the note's audio recordings:

  1. Under the "Format" section, tap "PDF" or "RTF". Then turn on the "Recordings" toggle. This shares your note as a ZIP file containing a PDF or RTF file and your audio recordings.
  2. Under the "Format" section, tap "Note". This shares your note as a Notability file that includes your audio recordings.

Tuning Audio

To fine-tune or improve recording clarity:

  1. Tap  to enter playback mode.
  2. Tap note-btn-volume-step1_2x.png.
  3. Tap "Tune".
  4. Adjust frequency sliders or Audio Zoom to your preference.
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