Settings (iOS)

There are several aspects of the app that can be adjusted or set as default in settings. Tap , in the lower library toolbar to open settings. Below is a list of features that can be found in settings:


  • Auto-backup - Automatically backup your notes to a cloud service.
  • Manage Accounts - Log in or out of cloud services.
  • iCloud - Keep your notes up to date across devices.
  • Themes - Change the look and feel of Notability.
  • Document
    • Default note title - Choose a title and include date & time.
    • Paper style - Choose a default paper type.
  • Typing
    • Default font style.
    • Spellcheck
    • Tap anywhere to start typing.
  • Handwriting
    • Tap and hold to start zoom writing.
    • Left handed mode. This allows the palm rest to be dragged down from the top of the screen.
    • Automatic palm detection can be turned off.
  • Ignore iOS sleep timer.
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