Go to your Notability Library and tap  in the bottom left corner.

Settings Tabs 


    • Version Setting (we recommend always updating to the newest version of Notability)  
    • Sign up for Notability Newsletter
      • We'll occasionally send you updates on what Ginger Labs has been up to!
    • Support Diagnostics
      • Tap to send us your support diagnostics
        • Important: Please write a description of the issue that you are having in the email body. We are not able to discern that information from looking at the diagnostics only. 


    • Learn more about Auto-Backup here.

Manage Accounts 

    • "Logged in" section lets you know which accounts you're logged into. 
      • Note: Being logged into a Notability account is not related to note storage. When you create a Notability account, it'll allow you to share note links with others via the Link Sharing feature. It is not used for anything else. 


    • Learn more about iCloud Syncing here.


    • Change Notability's look and feel.


    • Adjust default note title
    • Adjust default note paper
    • Adjust default note view 
    • Adjust default media options


    • Adjust default font, style, size, color
    • Enable or disable spellcheck
    • Enable Tap anywhere to start typing


    • Language allows you to change the default language for Handwriting Recognition and Search.
      • Learn more about that feature here
    • Enable Straight lines
    • Enable Shapes Detection 
    • Enable Tap-and-hold for zoom writing
    • Enable Left-handed Mode which moves the toolbar to the bottom of the screen.
    • Enable Palm Detection


    • Allows you to reset your password for locked subjects.
      • Learn more about this feature here.
    • Enable Face ID.

iOS Sleep Timer

    • Prevents your iPad from going to sleep while Notability is open.


    • Changes how fast Notability speaks text.

Web Clip 

    • Lets you add a password to disable web clips.

Anything missing from Settings that you would find useful? Submit a feature request here.