Text Highlighting and PDF Improvements

Our goal was to make Notability the only place you need to go for all of your PDF needs.

  • Highlight both PDF text and typed text. Highlights will stay with the text, even if moved around.
  • In PDFs, you can copy, paste, define (iOS), and speak (iOS) selected text.
  • In PDFs, you can tap internal links (like Table of Contents) and external links (like URLs and email addresses).

A few helpful notes:

  • To make a text box in a PDF, tap or click in a blank space of the note.
  • To make text boxes or to start typing left-aligned, tap-and-hold (iOS) or right-click (Mac) on blank space in PDF.
  • Tapping or clicking on top of PDF text won't make a text box.
  • If there is left-aligned type on a page, text boxes can't be added to that page with a single tap or click.

For more information on highlighting text, please see these guides:

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