Text Highlighting and PDF Improvements

The big PDF update! We've added some amazing features to our PDF system in Notability 6.0.0 (iOS) and 2.0.0 (OS X). Our goal was to make Notability the only place you need to go for all of your PDF needs. Here's what's new:

  • Highlight both PDF text and normal text - the highlights will stick to the text, even if moved around.
  • For PDF text, you can now also copy, paste, define (iOS only), and speak (iOS only) selected text.
  • Active link support for PDFs - both internal (such as Table of Contents) and external (URLs, emails).
  • Search is faster and more accurate.

A few helpful notes:

  • To make a text box in a PDF, tap (iOS) or click (Mac) in a blank space of the note.
  • To make text boxes or to start typing left-aligned, tap and hold (iOS) or secondary-click (Mac) on blank space in PDF.
  • Tapping (iOS) or clicking (Mac) on top of PDF text will not make a text box.
  • If there is left-aligned type on a page, text boxes can't be added to that page with a single tap or click.

For more information on highlighting text, please see these articles:

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