Writing with Apple Pencil

Notability is fine-tuned for Apple Pencil (gen 1 & 2). Here are the highlights of what you can expect.

Highly Responsive Ink. Notability tracks Apple Pencil's position as closely as possible to make writing fast, fluid, and free of lag.

Pressure-sensitivity. To make lines thick, thin, or anything in between, simply apply more pressure to make wider lines.

Dashed & Dotted Lines. In addition to normal strokes, dashed and dotted lines can be used. 

Apple Pencil double-tap option. Customize your second generation Apple Pencil with the following steps in "iOS Settings > Apple Pencil > Select":

1. Switch between current tool and eraser.
2. Switch between current tool and last used.
3. Show color palette.
4. Turn off options.

Palm Detection. Notability tells the difference between Apple Pencil and your palm, so your notes stay free of unwanted marks while resting your hand on your iPad's screen.

One-finger Scrolling. When you write with Apple Pencil, Notability lets you scroll through notes with your finger. To write with your finger or another stylus again:

  1. Open a note.
  2. Tap the Options (3 dots) menu and navigate to Info.
  3. Tap "Disconnect" next to Apple Pencil. 

When you start writing with Apple Pencil again, Notability reconnects automatically.