Writing with Apple Pencil

To offer an amazing handwriting writing experience, we've fine-tuned Notability to take advantage of Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. Without a doubt, the best way to see how well Notability and Apple Pencil work together is to try it for yourself, but here are the highlights of what you can expect.

Highly Responsive Ink

Notability tracks Apple Pencil's position as closely as possible to make writing fast, fluid, and free of lag. If you've written in Notability before, you can rest assured that the Apple Pencil offers the speed and smoothness you've come to know and love.

Pressure-sensitive Ink

Need to make lines thick, thin, or anything in between? Simply apply more pressure with Apple Pencil to make wider lines in Notability.

Palm Detection

Notability tells the difference between Apple Pencil and your palm, so your notes stay free of unwanted marks while resting your hand on your iPad's screen.

One-finger Scrolling

When you write with Apple Pencil in a note, Notability automatically detects the Pencil to let you scroll through the note with your finger. To write or highlight with your finger again, simply tap the pencil or highlighter tool and then tap "Disconnect Apple Pencil". Then, to start using Apple Pencil again, simply start writing with it. Notability will automatically recognize its input.

What about shading?

Notability stores handwritten lines as vectors to make handwriting crisp no matter how far you zoom in. It also lets you shrink, enlarge, copy, and paste drawings by using the scissors. To offer shading, Notability would have to store writing as bitmaps, removing these other benefits. As a result, Notability can't add shading when Apple Pencil is tilted.

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