Writing with Apple Pencil

Notability is fine-tuned for and works best with an Apple Pencil (gen 1 & 2). 

Highly Responsive Ink: Notability tracks Apple Pencil's position as closely as possible to make writing fast, fluid, and free of lag.

Pressure-sensitivity: To make lines thick, thin, or anything in between, simply apply more pressure to make wider lines.

Dashed & Dotted Lines: In addition to normal strokes, dashed and dotted lines can be used. 

Apple Pencil Double-Tap Option: Customize your second generation Apple Pencil with the following steps in your device’s Settings > Apple Pencil > Select:

  1. Switch between Current Tool and Eraser
  2. Switch between Current Tool and Last Used
  3. Show Color Palette
  4. Show Ink Attributes 
  5. Turn Off Options 

Palm Detection: Notability tells the difference between Apple Pencil and your palm, so your notes stay free of unwanted marks while resting your hand on your iPad's screen.

One-finger Scrolling: When you write with Apple Pencil, Notability lets you scroll through notes with your finger. To write with your finger or another stylus:

  1. Open a note.
  2. Tap the threedotsnoteview.png > Info. 
  3. Tap Disconnect Apple Pencil. 

When you start writing with Apple Pencil again, Notability reconnects automatically.