Creating and Styling Perfect Shapes

Draw a shape, and hold the stroke until the ink snaps into a shape. Shapes can be styled and manipulated like regular handwriting.

You can create perfect circles, ellipses, triangles, squares, rectangles, pentagons, hexagons, and arrows. 

@notabilityapp How to make perfect lines, shapes, and arrows in Notability! 💙 #aestheticnotes #studytok #studytokaesthetic ♬ seven by taylor swift - selina

Enable Perfect Shapes

  • In the Library, go to mceclip2.png > Handwriting > Shapes Detection.
  • Tap to select a shape, using any tool except the hand tool. Tap the shape with the Apple Pencil or one finger; two fingers if not using the Apple Pencil.
    • To expand or minimize a shape tap and hold during shape creation.
    • The red lines are snapping guidelines to help keep shapes aligned with other shapes and the grid paper.

Stroke and Fill Color

  • Tap to select the shape, then tap on the style menu to select Stroke and Fill.


Rectangles and ovals can be resized proportionally using two fingers.

To change a triangle’s shape, tap on a point.

Choose a point on a straight line to move it.

Draw curved lines with three points for adjustments. This can also snap back into a straight line. 

Draw perfect arrows, starting with the line first. 

Shapes can also be drawn using the eraser. Select the partial eraser, draw a shape and hold down for a second until the shape autocorrects into a Perfect Shape.