Drawing Straight Lines and Circles

Straight lines and circles are great for making designs and shapes.

Drawing Straight Lines

  1. Tap or .
  2. Draw a line and momentarily hold your finger or stylus down at the end.
  3. The line will automatically straighten.
  4. Keep moving your finger or stylus to resize the line or change its angle.
  5. Pause while resizing the line to make a magnifying loupe appear for detailed work.

Drawing Circles

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Hold down and the circle will autocorrect into a perfect circle.

If you would like for us to develop other shapes, please let us know of your interest by voting here.

Line Snapping

To help make crisp designs and shapes, straight lines behave uniquely:

  • They automatically connect to nearby straight lines.
  • They snap to lines in Notability's grid papers.
  • They snap to 45-degree increments to make angles.

After you draw a straight line, it behaves like any other handwriting. If you use grid paper, however, the line snaps to the grid's lines when you move the line.

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