Working with Straight Lines

Straight lines are great for creating graphs, designs, and shapes like squares and triangles.

Making Straight Lines on Mac

  1. Click or .
  2. Hold the shift key down while drawing.

Making Straight Lines on iOS

  1. Tap or .
  2. Draw a line and momentarily hold your finger or stylus down at the end.
  3. The line will automatically straighten.
  4. Continue moving your finger or stylus to shorten the line, lengthen the line, or change the line's angle.
  5. If you pause again while resizing the line, a magnifying loupe appears to help you work on fine details.

To help make crisp designs and shapes, straight lines behave uniquely when being created.

  • Straight lines will automatically connect to nearby straight lines.
  • Straight lines will snap to lines and intersections in Notability's grid papers.
  • Straight lines will snap to 45 degree increments to make specific angles.

After a straight line has been added to a note, it will behave like any other handwritten content. If you are working on Notability's grid paper, however, the line will continue to snap to the grid's lines and intersections when the line is moved with the scissor tool.

Here's a brief example showing how straight lines are created and how they can be used on iOS:

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