Using Notability as a Teacher

Preparing for Class

  • Create and manage resources like syllabi, schedules, lesson plans, assignments, study guides, tests, exams, assessments, forms, permission slips, instructions for substitute teachers, and more.
  • Flip your classroom by using iOS 11’s screen recorder to make videos of your notes.

Managing Assignments

  • Distribute files with students through a shared folder in Google Drive.
  • Collect files from students through a shared folder in Google Drive.

Giving Feedback

  • Write feedback directly on students’ work.
  • Add spoken feedback in students’ work to offer more personalized feedback and help students who learn better with verbal feedback.


  • Replace your whiteboard by connecting your iPad to a TV or projector through apps like AirPlay, AirServer,, or Mirroring360.
  • Share students’ work with the class by showing their iPads on an Apple TV or projector.
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