Notability 8.0

This is a major update for Notability! We've added powerful new features: handwriting recognition, handwriting-to-text conversion, viewing two notes side-by-side (Multi-Note), switching between notes quickly without going back to the Library, and an updated Help Center.

Handwriting Search (for iPad)

  • Handwriting is now searchable from the Library and within a specific note.
  • Handwriting can also be converted to text.
  • The first time you launch Notability, your library will be indexed. After that, your handwriting will be searchable! If you have a lot of handwriting, creating the initial index may take a while.

Multi-Note (for iPad)

  • Multi-Note lets you work with two notes side-by-side.
  • The new Note Switcher lets you switch between notes quickly.
  • Supports audio recording and playback.

Recent Notes

  • We added a Recent Notes subject to the Library just below All Notes.
  • Recent Notes lists up to 10 of your most recently opened notes.

Updated Help Center

  • The new Help Center can be opened by tapping the question mark in the Library.
  • The Help Center contains updated articles and tutorials.
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