Solutions to Common Issues

If we hear about an issue from several people, we may post about it here to get you up and running again ASAP while we work on the issue.

If an issue stems from iOS, iCloud, or other services, it might not be in our control. We try to fix as many as we can, though, and we'll share timelines for fixes when possible. If a timeline isn't available, that may mean an issue is trickier and could take a while to solve.

If you've seen an issue that isn't described here, please let us know!

Latest Updates

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Latest Updates

I can't send files from Canvas to Notability.

This was a bug in version 6.3.2 of the Canvas Student app. Fortunately, it's fixed in version 6.3.3, which was released on August 29th.

If I try to pick a destination folder for exports or backups, the import menu appears.

This is fixed in Notability 8.2.3 for iOS, which we released on August 14th.

When I print a note, it has narrow margins and the top is cut off.

This is fixed in Notability 3.0.1 for Mac, which we released on August 23rd.

On my Mac, the thumbnail images for my notes are blank.

This is fixed in Notability 3.0 for Mac, which we released on August 20th.

Notability for iOS

My subjects and dividers disappeared.

In Notability 8.0 and later:

  1. Open the Library, the screen that lists your notes.
  2. Tap the "( i )" near the bottom left corner.
  3. Triple-tap the "Support" button.
  4. Tap "Recover Subjects".

In previous versions:

  1. Open the Library.
  2. Press and hold a note's name.
  3. Tap the "Duplicate" button that appears.
  4. Delete the duplicate copy of the note.
  5. Restore the note from Notability’s trash. This should restore the note's subject and put all of the relevant notes in that subject. You should only have to do these steps once per subject.

My notes disappeared after I enabled iCloud syncing.

If your notes disappear when you enable iCloud syncing, there was most likely a small glitch. These steps should restore your notes:

  1. Turn Notability's iCloud syncing feature off.
  2. Tap "Keep on my iPad" from the prompt that appears.
  3. After your notes reappear, you can turn iCloud syncing back on. The second upload should proceed smoothly.

I can't make a new subject.

If you make a subject while using an external keyboard, the subject's colored dot might appear without letting you type a name for the subject. These steps should offer a solution in the meantime:

  1. Open your device's Settings app.
  2. Go to "General > Keyboards".
  3. Turn on the "Shortcuts" toggle.

My notes re-download from iCloud whenever I open the app.

This usually means that your iPad or iPhone is low on storage space, so iOS doesn't have enough room to keep your notes downloaded. (The amount of storage space in your iCloud account does not affect this behavior.) Freeing up space should let iOS keep your notes in place. Please do not delete notes from iCloud directly, as that will permanently delete the notes from iCloud and Notability on all of your devices.

I can't AirDrop multiple files to Notability at once.

For now, you can upload files to a folder in a service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Then, you can use the "Import All" button in Notability's import menu to download the entire folder of files at once.

On my iPhone, the "Import All" button does not work.

We don't have a workaround for this currently, but we'll update this page as soon as we find one or have a timeline for a fix.

Notability for Mac

Images are appearing in a weird and distorted way on Notability for Mac, but looks normal on Notability for IOS. 

This is a PDF rendering bug in macOS Mojave. If you open this PDF in Safari, you should see the same issue there, too. 

To check that, could you please try the following?

1. On your Mac, locate the original copy of this PDF via Finder.
2. Right-click or control-click on the PDF.
3. Click "Open With > Safari" from the menu that appears.

We've raised the issue with Apple in the hopes that they can fix it, and we're also on the lookout for any fixes we can implement on our side. We'll update this page as soon as have more details.


I bought Notability for iOS, but the App Store wants me to buy it again on another iOS device.

If your second iOS device is logged into the App Store account you used to buy Notability, the app should be available for free in your list of purchased apps. If it isn't there, log out of the App Store, restart your device, log back into the store, and check again. If the app still isn't available, follow these steps to confirm that Notability is in your purchase history:


If the app is in your history, tapping the App Store's button to "buy" it will make the store check your history and download the app for free.

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