Notability 3.0 for Mac

This major update brings all of our latest new features from iOS to your Mac.

Handwriting Search and Conversion

  • You can now search for handwriting in the Library and within specific notes.
  • You can now convert handwriting into typed text.
  • The first time you launch Notability, your library will be indexed. If you have a lot of handwriting, it may take a while to make the initial index.
  • See our guide to learn more!


  • Multi-Note lets you work with multiple notes side-by-side.
  • Open multiple notes in new windows for ultimate productivity.
  • Supports audio recording and playback.
  • See our guide to learn more!

Recent Notes

  • We added a Recent Notes subject to your Library just below All Notes.
  • Recent Notes lists up to 10 of your most recently opened notes.

Custom Fonts

  • You can now type text using custom fonts. Any font you've installed on your Mac will automatically appear in Notability's list of fonts. (You can see this guide from Apple to learn how to install fonts.)
  • More default fonts (especially for non-Roman alphabets) will automatically appear in Notability based on your Mac's locale and preferred languages.
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