Troubleshooting Email Issues

If you're attempting to email a note but the compose window does not appear or the compose window appears but the Send button is grayed out, then the steps below may help.

1. Ensure that an email account is active on your iPad. 

  • Under "Settings > Passwords & Accounts," see if an account has been added to the Accounts list. 

2. Ensure that "Mail" is enabled for your account on your iPad. 

  • Under "Settings > Passwords & accounts > [Your account]," toggle Mail on.

3. Check that the Mail app is installed on your iPad. 
If you've removed the default Mail app from your iPad, then try reinstalling it from the App Store and then try sending an email again in Notability. 

4. Check for restrictions.
If your iPad is company-managed, then there may be some restrictions on it for emailing files. 

  • Under "Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management," you may be able to see if there are email restrictions placed on your device. 

5. Ensure that you're connected to reliable WiFi or mobile data.

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