Keyboard Shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts with Notability to take notes faster and more efficiently!

Hold down Command (⌘) while you’re in Notability to view your keyboard shortcut menu.

Common keyboard shortcuts

Bold: Command-B
Italics: Command-I
Underline: Command-U
Indent: tab
Outdent: shift tab
Go to top of note: Command-up arrow key  
Go to bottom of a note: Command-down arrow key
Go forward one view: Space
Go back one view: Shift-Space
Go to next page: option-down arrow key
Go to previous page: option-up arrow key
Scroll up/down (for Text tool): control-up arrow key
Scroll up/down (for all tools): arrow key
Create new note
: Command-N
Go back to the Library: Command-L
Search: Command-F
Go to page: Command-shift-G
Toggle audio recording: Command-R
Text Tool: Command-1
Pen Tool: Command-2
Highlighter Tool: Command-3
Eraser Tool: Command-4
Lasso Tool: Command-5
Hand Tool: Command-6