Shapes (Mac)

To create a shape, select a shape template from the menu on the right while using the pen or highlighter tool.

  • Choose from rectangles, ovals, triangles, stars, and polygons (up to 8 sides).
  • To create a perfect circle or square, hold down the Shift key during shape creation while the oval or rectangle are selected.


After a shape template has been inserted, move the selectable points to adjust the shape.

Our ink, shapes, and eraser features can be used together seamlessly. For instance, use Partial Eraser to make shapes within shapes. Additionally, when you handwrite over a shape, you can use the Whole Eraser to quickly erase the ink at once.

Fun Examples


  1. Select the oval from the shape template menu and then hold down shift + click to make a perfect circle.
  2. Click on the Eraser icon and select Partial Eraser to draw a second circle. Hold down Shift + click again to make it a perfect circle.
  3. Click on Whole Eraser and click the center of the second circle to erase the ink.
  4. Select the Pen icon and click on Uniform under Pen Style.
  5. Draw lines and hold down so that they autocorrect into perfect lines.
  6. Voila! You’ve drawn a donut.



  1. Click on the Eraser icon and then select Whole Eraser.
  2. Click over the ink to erase handwriting at one time.
  3. The shape that you created is still perfectly intact! 


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