Partial Eraser

Precisely erase any ink you want, including shapes!

Tap/click the eraser icon in the toolbar and select Whole or Partial Eraser.

  • From this style menu, you can also choose from a variety of width sizes for the eraser.
  • A wavy, dotted line next to the eraser tool indicates Partial Eraser is selected.

Partial Eraser allows you to precisely erase ink, and those individual ink segments can now be moved and edited.

The width and color of each partially erased segment can be edited independently as well.

Add the eraser to the Favorites Toolbar for quick access!

Perfect Shape Eraser

  • Shapes can be drawn using the eraser tool. Select the partial eraser, draw a shape and hold down for a second until the shape autocorrects into a Perfect Shape.  

Whole Eraser

  • Whole Eraser is the original Eraser tool, where entire strokes can be erased at once.
  • If you handwrite over a shape, you can use the Whole Eraser to quickly erase the ink at once.

Erasing Ink with Whole Eraser 


  1. Tap on the Whole Eraser icon.
  2. Erase the ink that is on top of the shape.
  3. The ink has been erased, but the shape remains perfectly intact!