Recently Reported Issues (Last Updated: Nov 28, 2023)

If we hear about an issue from multiple users, we will post here along with any workarounds to get you up and running again as soon as possible while we work on a fix. 

Don't see your issue on here? Check out our FAQ. For further assistance, please reach out to us!

Ongoing Issues

  • App is unable to recognize the correct subscription type that I purchased (Plus, Classic, etc) OR I'm not able to use in-app purchases that I bought in the past

Go to your Notability Settings > Subscription tab > Restore Plan. If you don't see this option, please update to the newest version of Notability. If those steps do not help, try the steps here and contact us here. We're actively looking into this issue and your ticket/bug report will greatly help us in our investigation. 

  • Performance Issues: Lags, Freezes, Crashes after updating to 14.0

Thank you for the feedback we've received regarding our 14.0 update. At this time, our focus is on enhancing performance and ironing out bugs. Performance is critical and some more things slipped through this release than we’d like. We’re committed to fixing all of these issues and ensuring Notability is snappy. Each of our subsequent releases has made critical fixes in this area, and there’s more to come. 

  • Users see an error message with Audio Transcripts that says Transcription Failed 

Currently investigating.

  • Auto-Backup doesn't trigger on a note until a second exit of the note

Currently investigating. For now, going back into the note and exiting again a second time will nudge Auto-Backup to start. 

  • Crash when changing Auto-Backup destination folder

Currently investigating.

  • When sharing PDF's, content is missing past the first page

Currently investigating.

  • PDFs spontaneously stop rendering

Currently investigating.

  • In Split Screen, the keyboard flickers and doesn't want to dismiss

Currently investigating.

  • Page Number not appearing when in Split Screen

Currently investigating.

  • Quick Share PDF export option doesn't include the note background

Currently investigating.

  • "Switch Notes" option in Note Switcher missing

Currently investigating.

  • Freezing and/or crashing occurs while typing with macOS Ventura 

This issue only occurs with macOS Ventura, it does not happen with any older versions of macOS. As a workaround for now, disable Spell Check and that may help resolve the problem. This is a long-standing issue that we are continuing to investigate. 

  • Vertical Multi-Note doesn't stay on the correct page when the bottom instance is closed 

Currently investigating. 

  • Users run into red spell check lines under typed text when the word is not misspelled 

Try the following steps:

  1. Double check that you're using the Language/Region that matches those words.
  2. Install Keyboard for all of the languages you'd like to type in. 
  3. Confirm that you're using the correct Keyboard when adding typed text in a note.

Details on adding additional Languages/Regions to device:

Details on adding additional Keyboards to device:

  • Note content is shifting

If you have iCloud enabled, you may be able to restore a previous version of the note.

Selecting an optimized size in under Templates Settings within a note may help.

  • Mac users unable to enable iCloud Syncing

Some Mac users have reported being unable to enable iCloud Syncing within Notability and receiving an error message "iCloud isn't Responding. Notability couldn't turn on iCloud because iCloud is taking too long to reply. Please restart your Mac." We are actively monitoring this issue and have an open case with Apple to investigate the root cause further.

  • Opening some notes may result in a "Missing Font" error message

This is a known issue related to the device not having access to a system font. Users who create notes with fonts supported on Mac but not on iPad will see this Apple OS error message. Most commonly affects Kaiti-SC and other similar fonts.  

  • Black screen when entering Presentation Mode

Tap the Presentation Mode icon on the left side of your toolbar and switch between Screen and Presentation to get going again. Force closing Notability and re-opening the app while screen mirroring also works.

  • When in Split View or Multi-Note, one of my notes appears black and empty

If you pinch-to-zoom in or out on the note, the note should appear again.

  • Notes are stuck downloading

Most commonly due to insufficient storage on the device or in iCloud. If that's not the case, reach out to us

Fixed Issues

If you are on the newest version of Notability and you still run into any of the issues below, please let us know!

  • Areas of the toolbox is unresponsive to tapping with iOS 15

Fixed in 14.4.3.

  • GIPHY not loading 

Fixed in 14.4.

  • Copy/Paste not working in notes for some users

Ensure you have the "T" text tool enabled in order to paste within a note.

Check your iPad or iPhone's device Settings > Notability > Paste from Other Apps and change from Ask to Allow.

  • Crashes when attempting to change font

Update to the newest iOS/MacOS version and the crash shouldn't occur after that. 

  • VoiceOver doesn't read out the names of buttons and elements

Fixed in 14.0.2.

  • Note thumbnails flickering when backgrounding/foregrounding and when typing a search term in the library. 

Fixed in 14.0.1.

  • Grid template (spacing and border) behavior has changed after updating to 11.8.4

This is related to an update we made for custom templates. For more information, check out this article here. We are continuing to monitor your feedback, thank you.

  • My text is double-spaced and I don't want it to be

This is expected behavior as text now aligns with the lines. Even if single-spacing is selected, the text will be double-spaced if the font size is too large for the line height selected. To help everything fit better, you can use a larger line height or a smaller font size.