Add flair to your notes with playful stickers; from florals, banners, and emojis, to basic everyday note-taking essentials.


Select  in the upper right-hand corner of a note > Stickers to access your stickers.

  • Tap/click, hold, and drag to move a sticker into your note. 
  • Tap/click on a sticker to enter multi-select and choose as many stickers as you’d like to Add in bulk to the note or to save as a Favorite
    • Favorite stickers will be displayed underneath the Recents section (which displays recently used stickers).

My Stickers

Go here to learn about how to group handwriting elements together.

Save handwritten elements as a sticker so you can easily re-use them across all notes. You can scale, edit, and style them as you would with the original elements!

  1. Use the Lasso toolnote-btn-scissors-lasso.svgicon to select the handwritten elements. 
  2. Click/tap inside the drawn circle and a menu will appear.
  3. Click/tap "Save."
  4. Click/tap on the + icon in your toolbar and go to "Stickers." Your saved sticker(s) will appear there and you can use them in any note.