Favorite Tools

Quickly access your favorite tools on a compact panel! The Favorites Toolbar snaps to the edge of your screen so you can easily change between your most commonly used tools (including the pen, highlighter, and eraser tools). Once the Favorites Toolbar is set, your added tools can be accessed while in any note.

To add Favorite Tools:

  • When in the color panel on the main toolbar, tap/click favorites2x.png favorites to add the currently selected tool.

To edit Favorite Tools:

  • Once a favorite tool is added, tap/click the favorite tool to select it and tap again to edit or remove it.
  • To rearrange tools on the Favorites Toolbar, select, hold, and drag the tool to move it.

To move or hide the toolbar:

  • Tap/click and hold down the note-btn-favoritesHandle_2x.png drag handle and drag the panel to the desired edge of your screen.
  • Tap/click the btn-close_2x.png icon to hide the toolbar.
  • Tap/click the Star icon on the bottom left of the note to reveal the hidden toolbar.