Digital Life Planner


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Shortcuts and Tabs

The tabs on the top and the right links to all the major categories/sections of the planner, and is accessible wherever you are. Did you know?! You can tap on the back link at any time to go back to the previously tapped link.


Index — An eagle eye view

From habit trackers, reading lists to meal planning, the index page gives you access to the detailed sections not included in the main tabs.


Calendar — Smart links

The most intricately linked calendar is here! Tap on the month to view the month, number of the week to view the weekly view and any day of the month to view the daily view. From each view you can easily zoom in or zoom out so you always have a solid grasp on what’s going on that day, week, month or year!


Function and Style

Decorate your planner with stickers that are both functional and stylish. There are 7 color varieties –you can use one or use them all to color code!


Custom Planners

Whether you're tracking daily doodles or planning a renovation (or both), these custom sections will help keep you organized so your creativity can roam free.