2021 Dash Portrait Planner



Try the Dash Portrait Planner now with a 7 Day Free Trial! Once the trial ends, you will not be charged. To retain access to the note and the sticker pack, you must purchase the full product at 19.99 USD. All notes and annotations on the planner will be fully restored to its original look.

Calendar Linking

Tap on the month to view your calendar from a monthly perspective, the number of the week to see the weekly view, and on any day of the month for your daily view. From each view, you can easily zoom in or zoom out so you'll always have a solid grasp on what’s going on that day, week, month or year!


Useful Quick Links

Every page on this planner has quick links at the bottom of the page. In order, from left to right: Page templates (all 20 of them), Note Papers (6 to choose from), and 5 custom sections!


Functional Stickers

This planner comes packed with 48 stickers in 6 colors! Have fun while staying organized!


Page Templates

Utilize page templates to get the most out of 2021. You can use them as they are, or copy pages and paste them accordingly. Need a weekly check-in for yourself this week? Copy and paste the Weekly Check-in template to your desired week and voila! You're all set!


Custom Sections

Customize these sections ANY way you want. To kickstart a renovation, you may start with the Graph Paper to gather inspiration and the Project Planner template to stay organized.  

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