Notability for Mac FAQ

With the launch of our new version of Notability for Mac, we wanted to create a space to help our users. Below you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our Mac version of Notability.

Do I have to upgrade to the new version of Notability for Mac?

We would love for you to upgrade to the latest version, so you can take advantage of the new features alongside a variety of bug fixes. At this time it is not a requirement to upgrade to the new version of Notability for Mac. 

What will happen to my notes once I upgrade to the new version?

Nothing will happen to your notes! Make sure to activate iCloud to automatically transfer them to the new version. Click here to learn how to sync using iCloud. 

What are the main differences between the new version and the old version?

We created an article to help you understand some of the differences between Apple devices and Notability. That can be found here.

How come handwriting recognition doesn't work anymore?

You will need to purchase handwriting moving forward.

Previous those who bought the Mac version were separate from the iOS version and handwriting recognition was free of charge. Now with the enhancement provided by Apple's Catalyst updates, we can provide the same functionality we have in our iOS version. One singular purchase for both operating systems. This enables purchases made onward to sync with both the iPhone/iPad/Mac version to be in sync. 

What will happen to the old Mac app if I do not upgrade?

The old Mac app will still be accessible, but it will no longer be supported. No further enhancements or bug fixes will be provided. 

How much will the new app cost? 

If you own the old version of the Mac app, you will need to pay to upgrade the app. The latest price for the app can be found:

- Mac version

- iOS version

I already purchased the iOS version, why does it still show a price to download on the App Store?

To our current iPad and iPhone users looking to download the new Mac app: the App Store sometimes still shows the price of the Mac version even if you've already purchased the iOS version. Don't worry the Mac version is still free for you.

There's a known issue with the purchase flow in the Mac App Store that is causing confusion. If you already own Notability for iOS on your Apple ID, the new Mac experience will be a free download. An additional purchase is required for users who only have Notability for Mac.

If you run into a prompt asking you to buy Notability and it should be a free download for you, try downloading a free app from the App Store, such as Time Out - and restarting the Mac App Store.

If the option to "Buy" persists, please reach out. 

What MacOs versions are supported by the new Notability for Mac app?

At this time we only support macOS Big Sur or later.

Why can't I rename my notes on the Mac version?

After you right-click on a note's thumbnail, please select "Rename." The note title (within the note itself, not in the thumbnail) will become highlighted. If you click on the note title (within the note itself), you will be able to rename it.