FAQ: Notability for EDU

How much does it cost for my institution to get Notability?
Any educational institution using Apple School Manager will have free access to the paid subscription tier of Notability.

What institutions qualify for getting Notability free?
K-12 and higher education institutions managing devices through Apple School Manager may qualify to download Notability for free.

Where do I reach out to get Notability for my institution?
You can download Notability directly through Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager if applicable.

What information does my institution need to provide Ginger Labs?
Ginger Labs does not require any information from your institution at this time.

What differs between the free version of Notability for institutions and the Notability subscription?
There is no difference! Institutions downloading Notability through Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager will unlock a feature-complete version of Notability with unlimited note-taking, including MyScript Handwriting Recognition and Math Conversion. 

What happens to in-app purchases in the event of a downgrade?
Any content previously purchased is yours to keep regardless of which plan you're using.

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