Notability for EDU FAQ

In the past 12 years since we first launched Notability, the way that students and teachers engage with technology has grown in so many ways, and now more than five million K-12 students use Notability in 53 countries. For our EDU users like you, we’re ready to embark on an exciting new chapter and we hope it gives even more students and teachers the opportunity to learn and create.

How much does it cost for my institution to get Notability?

Any educational institution using Apple School Manager or a mobile device manager (MDM) will have free access to Notability for Organizations.

What institutions qualify for getting Notability free?

K-12 and higher education institutions managing devices may qualify to download Notability for free.

What about existing institutions? 

For our existing organizations, this means MyScript Handwriting AND Math Recognition are now part of the package. Academic products that were previously restricted in the Notability Shop will now also be included, with new content to be released throughout the school year.

Where do I reach out to get Notability for my institution?

What information does my institution need to provide Ginger Labs?

Ginger Labs does not require any information from your institution at this time.

What happens to in-app purchases in the event of a downgrade?

Any content previously purchased is yours to keep regardless of which plan you're using.

Curious how to use Notability in the classroom?

The ways that students and teachers use Notability are vast. It’s the perfect study aid for all types of learners: Auditory (record and playback audio synced to writing for exam), Visual (handwrite with Apple Pencil or share with Presentation Mode), Read/Write (type and annotate).

  • Students: Notability makes it easy to organize class notes, write out thoughts, record classes, and review for exams. It combines multiple inputs like sketching, handwriting, audio recording, photos, and more into one simple-to-use interface. Students can annotate slides, present projects in class, learn a language, and even complete and turn in class assignments in the cloud. Not to mention it can lighten backpacks; students can import presentation slides or even textbooks to review and mark-up!
  • Teachers: Use Notability as a single place to collect work, grade, provide student feedback and even present lessons (replacing traditional whiteboards). Teachers also use Notability to screencast and create videos and notes that they share with their students before and after class so that students can learn the concepts on their own time.

Whether you’ve deployed Notability for years or are just getting started, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the optional form below so we can better onboard and support your organization.