Contact our Support Team

Listed below are the best ways to contact our Support Team.

We're here to assist you if you have a question, want to provide feedback, are experiencing an issue, or have a feature request.

Notability App (version 11.0 and newer) - iOS, iPadOS & macOS

  • Tap/Click the Screen_Shot_2021-12-17_at_1.44.20_PM.png icon at the bottom of your Notability note Library.
  • Tap/Click the "Contact Support" link.
  • Fill out the form shown with as much detail as possible.
    • Important: Please include any details, screenshots, or videos that will help us understand your request.


Notability App (version 10.x and below) - iOS & iPadOS

  • Tap theicon at the bottom of your Notability note Library.
  • Under the About tab, tap Support Diagnostics.
  • Tap "Send".
    • Apple Mail will open a new email window with diagnostics information. Please include any details, screenshots, or videos in the body of the email that will help us understand your request. 
      • Important: If you do not have the Apple Mail app installed on your device, a message will appear saying "Apple Mail App Not Detected" and you will need to choose a different method of sharing. Tap "OK" and select that method. If the method you would like to choose is not shown, tap "More" which should allow you to add a new App to the list (Gmail, Outlook, etc.)

            Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_11.33.52_AM.png   Screen_Shot_2022-02-02_at_11.36.57_AM.png


Older versions of Notability

We continually update our software to take advantage of Apple's latest operating systems. Sometimes, that means leaving older and outdated OS's behind, and we're now only compatible with iOS 15+ and macOS 12+ (Big Sur & Monterey).

Apologies for the situation you've been placed in if your device can no longer upgrade to a compatible operating system.


Request a Feature

Share your feature requests with us!


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We can't offer personal responses to every idea or say when a feature might be available, but we're always working on the next big thing.

To vote for a feature, you’ll need to enter and confirm a valid email address. We won't send you spam or sell your email address to other companies, but we might email you to:

  • Ask for more details about your feature request.
  • Invite you to try a mockup or beta version of a feature.
  • Let you know once a feature is available in Notability.