Use the Ruler as a guide for measuring and drawing precise lines. 

Accessing the Ruler

  • Selectright arrow in toolbar.pngto expand the toolbox and then select ruler.png.
    • A ruler will appear on your screen immediately. 
  • Two finger long press on the note will also reveal the ruler.

Using the Ruler 

  • Use two fingers to pinch and adjust the ruler size on the screen. 
  • Use one finger to move the ruler around the screen. 
  • One finger tap on the compass will round to the nearest 45º.
  • Two finger tap on the compass will rotate by 90º counterclockwise.
  • Vertically pan (slide) the compass to rotate the ruler.

Stamp Precise Lines

  • Use one finger double tap to stamp a line onto the page. 
    • Tip: One finger tap and hold on a triangle to preview the target line before stamping. 
  • Double tap with one finger on the ruler to stamp a line onto the page. 
    • Tip: Use fingers to slide the orange triangle anchors on the ruler, which will adjust the line length and the width of your stamp.
      • You can move both triangle anchors at the same time.

Line detection will snap the line to the ruler even if you started the line away from the ruler.

Dismiss the Ruler

  • Select the ruler.png again to dismiss the ruler. 
  • Two finger long press or two finger pinch to dismiss the ruler.

Adjust Ruler Unit

  • In your Library, go to mceclip2.png > Document > Ruler Units > choose from Metric or Imperial.