Use the ruler as a guide for drawing precise lines. 

Access Ruler

  • Access the ruler quickly with a two finger tap and hold.
  • Tap on the three Vertical Dots icon and then "View > Ruler."

Dismiss the Ruler

  • Tap on "View > Ruler," two finger long press, pinch, or swipe off the edge of the screen.

Adjust Ruler Unit

  • Go to "Notability Settings > Document > Ruler Unit."


  • Double tap with one finger on the ruler to stamp.
  • Use the blue triangle anchors to measure and adjust them to change the width of your stamp.

Cheat Sheet

  • Two finger long press on the note to show the ruler
  • Two finger long press or two finger pinch and swipe off the edge to dismiss the ruler
  • Two finger to pinch and adjust the ruler
  • One finger moves the ruler
  • One finger double tap to stamp a line
  • One finger tap on the compass to round to the nearest 45º
  • Two finger tap on the compass to rotate by 90º counterclockwise
  • Vertically pan (slide) the compass to rotate the ruler
  • Use fingers to slide the triangles on ruler, which will adjust the line length
    • You can move both triangle anchors at the same time
    • Stamp preview will appear only when holding or moving the triangle anchors
  • Hold down on a triangle to show the target line
  • Switch to hand or text tool to dismiss the ruler
  • Line detection will snap the line to the ruler even if you started the line away from the ruler

Available for NB_plus_text_badge.svg subscribers on iOS only.