Note: Currently available for NB_plus_text_badge.svg Subscription users running Notability version 11.1+ on iOS devices only.

Access the ruler quickly with a two finger tap and hold. Draw precise lines (using ink and/or highlighter) with your pencil or double tap with one finger on the ruler to stamp. Use the blue triangle anchors to measure and adjust them to change the width of your stamp.

Access the Ruler Within a Note:

  • Tap on the three Vertical Dots icon and then "View > Ruler."

To Dismiss the Ruler

  • Tap on "View > Ruler," two finger long press, pinch, or swipe off the edge of the screen.

Adjust Ruler Unit

  • Go to "Notability Settings > Document > Ruler Unit."

Cheat Sheet

  • Two finger long press on the note to show the ruler
  • Two finger long press or two finger pinch and swipe off the edge to dismiss the ruler
  • Two finger to pinch and adjust the ruler
  • One finger moves the ruler
  • One finger double tap to stamp a line
  • One finger tap on the compass to round to the nearest 45º
  • Two finger tap on the compass to rotate by 90º counterclockwise
  • Vertically pan (slide) the compass to rotate the ruler
  • Use fingers to slide the triangles on ruler, which will adjust the line length
    • You can move both triangle anchors at the same time
    • Stamp preview will appear only when holding or moving the triangle anchors
  • Hold down on a triangle to show the target line
  • Switch to hand or text tool to dismiss the ruler
  • Line detection will snap the line to the ruler even if you started the line away from the ruler