New in 11.6 - Performance Improvements For Slow Exports

We’ve just released a new update to Notability for you! In 11.6 we’ve made some performance improvements for slow exports and fixed an issue where search results would not persist after entering a note.

You can find the full changelist below:

  • Select images, stickers, handwriting (and more!) and edit them all together
  • Notifications for activity in the Gallery
  • Search note contents in the Gallery
  • Performance improvements for slow exports
  • Fixed bug where search results disappear after opening a note

Also, right now you can get 50% off your first year of Notability Plus by using the code NOTABILITYLOVESSTUDENTS (redeem button can be found under settings inside the app on the subscription modal) or use this link.

Offer valid through September 30th, 2022.


We have more updates cooking for you and will be sure to share them with you soon!

Thanks for using Notability 💙