Use the Highlighter’s translucent ink to emphasize the most important parts of a note.

Highlights can be edited, styled, and erased like regular ink.



  1. Tap the Highlighter to start highlighting anywhere on the page. 
  2. Tap again to change colors, adjust size, and pick a brush style. 
    • Tap on a color palette to view the custom colors menu. 
      • Add up to three custom colors for immediate access in the toolbar.
      • More colors can always be accessed through the custom colors menu. 
    • Tap highlighter to enable pressure sensitive ink, dashed lines, and dotted lines. 

Smart Highlighter

  1. Long press on PDF text to snap and begin highlighting.
    • Make sure you are long pressing the first word of the sentence you want to highlight before dragging and continuing to highlight.

Straight Line Highlighter

  1. Make straight line highlights by drawing a line over text, and then holding.