Night Mode

View your notes with a dark appearance at the flip of a switch. Use Night Mode to review and take notes at night or in dark spaces!

Within a Note 

  • Open a note and select threedotsnoteview.png > Night Mode for that specific note.


  • Select mceclip2.png > Themes > enable Night Mode for all notes. 

Tip: For you hardcore users with an iPad keyboard, Cmd + i can be used to toggle Night Mode on. Just make sure you're not actively editing text so it doesn't turn on italics instead.

Notes on Night Mode


Imported images and non-custom stickers are not inverted in Night Mode, as we found that this led to the best user experience during beta-testing. Please let us know if you have differing thoughts on this by contacting us!

When using Night Mode on PDF documents, the images within the PDF will invert.


Thumbnails of notes containing images may display incorrect note contents when using Night Mode - images may appear inverted in thumbnails but not be inverted upon opening the note.

Matching Theme to iOS Appearance vs Night Mode

Only one of these can be used at a time, so toggling on Matching Theme to iOS Appearance will turn Night Mode off. Toggling on Night Mode will switch Matching Theme to iOS Appearance off.


When using Night Mode we default you to our Dark theme, but any of our dark themes are compatible with Night Mode.