Archive: App Updates

Check out our past app updates below!

12.1, April 2023
12.0, February 2023
11.8, November 2022
11.7, September 2022
11.6, August 2022
10.2, December 2020
9.2, December 2019
8.0, August 2018

14.1.3, August 2023

  • Fixed a lag when rotating screen
  • Fixed a freeze that may occur when swiping left in single page mode
  • Fixed a rare crash that may occur when importing documents
  • Performance improvements

14.1.2, August 2023

  • Fixed search results persisting into the note view
  • Fixed a bug with printing from Quick Share
  • Added a behavior where tapping the text tool inserts the caret 
  • Added back search results counts in the Page Manager
  • Improved layout of the top toolbox in some cases
  • Removed the two finger gesture to show the Ruler
  • Added audio bug fixes and improvements
  • Performance Improvements 

14.1.1, August 2023

  • Fixed a crash that may occur on launch
  • Fixed a crash that may occur importing a note on first launch
  • Fixed a memory issue that could lead to performance issues

14.1, August 2023

  • Added shortcut to allow play/pause with space bar for notes with audio files
  • Added ability to delete multiple audio files, delete confirmation alert
  • Improvements to Search for clear and cancel options
  • Improvements to Share Options menu
  • Improvements to text in text boxes
  • Fixes Library bugs for organizers, alerts, layouts
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements

14.0.3, August 2023

  • Fixed a crash when opening notes
  • Fixed a crash in the Library when changing tabs
  • Fixed a bug with scrolling while dragging note content
  • Fixed a bug with shared notes
  • Fixed a loading issue with the Gallery 

12.1.15, July 2023

  • Fixed an crash when searching note text

12.1.14, July 2023

  • Fixed an crash when previewing themes
  • Fixed a crash after turning on Auto-Backup 
  • Fixed an Auto-Backup issue for business accounts

12.1.13, July 2023

  • Fixed a crash in the Page Manager
  • Fixed an issue with subscription offerings 

12.1.12, July 2023

  • Fixed an issue when moving a subject
  • Minor crash fixes

12.1.11, June 2023

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when creating a note or opening settings
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when typing

12.1.10, June 2023

  • Fixed lag when switching tools in Presentation Mode
  • Fixed various crashes when using Math Conversion 
  • Improved performance when typing in a note

12.1.9, June 2023

  • New default behavior: Log in or sign up for a Notability account via a link 
  • Improved inserting media objects on Mac
  • Improved text box highlight behaviors 

12.1.8, May 2023

  • Improved search speed
  • Improved battery life in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where text box search results may not be highlighted
  • Fixed an issue where the last letter in a text box might not be highlighted
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while drawing polygons

12.1.7, May 2023

  • Fixed an issue where media objects did not support some keyboard commands
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when importing a note
  • Fixed issues that could occur in certain password flows
  • Fixed a crash that could happen when disabling iCloud Sync

12.1.6, May 2023

  • Fixed an issue with note thumbnails that contain GIFs 
  • Fixed an issue where GIFS could disappear when zooming 

12.1.5, May 2023

  • Improved handwriting behavior to fix some cases of twitching or correcting while writing
  • Improved export progress bar for large PDF exports

12.1.3, April 2023

  • Added more subject colors
  • Improved performance in Presentation Mode
  • Fixed an issue where the Tape tool could not be selected in the Zoom view

12.1.2, April 2023

  • Fixed an issue where some links would hang the app on launch
  • Fixed an issue with the Page Manager search bar color on Mac
  • Fixed a crash some users may encounter when working with PDF highlights

12.1.1, April 2023

  • Fixed a crash that may happen for some users during our onboarding tour

12.0.7, March 2023

  • Fixed an issue that may cause lag for some users

12.0.6, March 2023 

  • Fixed an issue where handwriting would adjust while drawing with Apple Pencil
  • Improved styling selections of mixed pencil and pen
  • Fixed annotations on rotated PDF pages on export

12.0.5, March 2023

  • Fixed a rendering issue when zooming in or out on a note
  • Fixed a rendering issue when receiving a call/alarm/notification

12.0.4, March 2023

  • Fixed an issue with correctly rendering ink in thumbnails and PDFs
  • Fixed an issue where the toolbar could freeze when switching tools
  • Fixed minor crashes for inserting an image or sticker, opening a note, and searching the library

12.0.3, March 2023

  • Fixed an issue where ink was missing with Palm Detection disabled.
  • Fixed an issue with handwriting performance.
  • Fixed an issue where exports were missing Pencil ink.
  • Fixed an issue with annotations on imported PDFs.
  • Fixed an issue for ruler in landscape templates.

12.0.2, Feb 2023

  • We’ve made logging in or signing up for a Notability account easier than ever! Log in or sign up via a link sent to your email.
  • Fixed an issue resizing small selections
  • Fixed an issue with poor sounding text-to-speech

12.0.1, Feb 2023


  • Fixed an issue where dots would appear on zooming in or out.
  • Fixed an issue where searching PDFs would not show correct results.
  • Fixed an issue where using Scribble would make a text box when it should not.
  • Fixed a crash with using the color dropper.

11.8.10, Jan 2023


  • Fixed an issue while renaming notes where the title would revert back to the old one
  • Improved bulk cut and delete actions on multiple pages in the page manager
  • Fixed crashes on Mac that would happen sometimes if you closed a window
  • Fixed a broken link in the Dash 2023 Portrait Planner

11.8.9, Jan 2023


  • Fixed an issue where resetting a Notability account password wouldn't work from in app

11.8.8, December 2022


  • Fixed a visual issue when dragging organizers and subjects

11.8.7, December 2022


  • Improves ability to select usernames while publishing a note

Mac Only changes

  • Fixed an issue with right click copy paste on multiple pages in the page manager
  • Added a select all and deselect all button to the recently deleted notes menu

11.8.6, December 2022


  • Improved the visibility of the lasso tool on dark paper
  • Improved rotated image and sticker selection logic
  • Fixed an issue with image captions in night mode
  • Fixed an issue with the note title in night mode
  • Improved page break visibility by making them slightly thicker

11.8.4, November 2022

In this version we have added 2023 planners and improved some templates for you.


  • Stay organized and start planning for 2023 with the Dash Portrait Planner and the Digital Life Planner.
  • Improved the Basic Rule, Grid and Dot templates so they are consistently spaced.
  • Grid spacings now match physical unit measurements.

11.8.3, November 2022


  • Added support for toggling Night Mode from the note on iPhone
  • Fixed displaying valid parts of corrupted PDFs
  • Fixed a crash on launch for some MDM users
  • Fixed print modal not appearing sometimes
  • Fixed an issue with unnecessary code running on app launch

11.8, November 2022

In 11.8 we’re excited to bring you Night Mode! View your notes with a dark appearance at the flip of a switch. Use Night Mode to review and take notes at night or in dark spaces! 

You can turn Night Mode on from within your notes by pressing the three vertical dots in the top right of the note > View > Night Mode.

Or from the Settings Menu > Themes > Night Mode.

And for you hardcore users with an iPad keyboard, Cmd + i can be used to toggle Night Mode faster than other means. Just make sure you're not actively editing text so it doesn't turn on italics instead.

For more details, check out this help center article.

11.7.7, November 2022

  • Fixed an issue causing an unexpected increase in app size.
  • Fixed an issue with the image context menu.
  • Fixed a crash on indexing PDFs.
  • Fixed a bug with Face ID and password settings.
  • Fixed an issue where some documents could not be shared to Notability.

11.7.6, November 2022

  • Fixed an issue with the page manager button on the bookmark filter.
  • Improved layouts for settings on smaller screens.

11.7.4, November 2022

We’ve made it easier to publish to the Gallery and fixed some crashes for you.

Changelist below:

  • We made it easier than ever to publish to the Gallery!
  • Added more iOS 16 Apple Pencil support.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the import subject picker.
  • Fixed a rare crash when trying to contact support.

If you’re looking for more tips on how to use and publish your notes to the Gallery, make sure you check out our blog post here.

11.7.3, October 2022

  • Fixed a loading hang when canceling a password prompt on app start
  •  Improvements to messaging while restoring plans

11.7.2, October 2022

We fixed crashes that could occur when trying to start audio recordings, improved triggering the PDF smart highlighter and addressed a bug with straight line highlights.

Full changelist below:

  • Fixed crashes that can occur when trying to start audio recordings.
  • Added a cancel button to Web Clip previews.
  • Better text styling support in iPad split views.
  • Improved triggering the PDF smart highlighter to allow for short straight lines.
  • Fixed a bug where straight line highlights did not work on PDF pages.

11.7.1, September 2022

We’ve improved app launch time and addressed some bugs.

Full changelist below:

  • Fixed showing the selected Laser Pointer color in Presentation Mode.
  • Fixed paste as image aspect ratios.
  • Fixed issues with highlighting and typing in some notes in the Mac app.
  • Fixed a bug when choosing default note templates.
  • Fixed an issue where the zoom box may inadvertently move.
  • Improved app launch time.

11.7, September 2022

We’ve improved highlighting text in PDF’s, revamped our subscription settings page and addressed some iOS 16 issues!

Full changelist below:

  • PDF text highlights are now faster and smarter! Tap and hold on PDF text to snap and begin highlighting. The highlights can now be edited, styled and erased like regular ink.
  • The subscription settings page has been redesigned for easier use and contains FAQ's. 
  • We've addressed issues in iOS 16 to pave the way for Notability on new devices.
  • Fixed an issue with creating and editing Math media objects on iPhone.
  • Fixed an issue where text would not align with some templates.

11.6, August 2022

We’ve made some performance improvements for slow exports and fixed an issue where search results would not persist after entering a note.

Full changelist below:

  • Select images, stickers, handwriting (and more!) and edit them all together
  • Notifications for activity in the Gallery
  • Search note contents in the Gallery
  • Performance improvements for slow exports
  • Fixed bug where search results disappear after opening a note

10.3, Notability for Mac 

Our 10.3 release brings the Notability for iPad experience you know and love to Mac! Our new Mac app is free to download for our current iPad and iPhone customers. Check out our FAQ here.

10.2, December 2020

  • Link Sharing: Create and share links to notes
  • Math Conversion: Transform handwritten equations into a hi-res scalable image
  • STEM 1.01 Sticker Pack is now available

9.4, June 2020

  • Audio Improvements
    • Recordings can now be named.
    • Ability to Trim, Split, Merge and Reorder recordings 
  • Handwriting Search and Recognition now available in Danish, Filipino (Tagalog), Indonesian, Malay, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
  • Sticky Note and Text Box background colors can be set with custom colors.

9.2, December 2019

  • Highlighter Improvements
    • Highlighter color will appear more vivid and behind the text, making the text pop.
    • Eraser tool erases highlighter before ink to make editing notes easier.
  • Import Improvements
    • Documents can now be imported directly into Notability from the Files app.
  • Search Improvements
    • Troubleshoot unsearchable notes that have not been indexed properly. Any unindexed notes will appear at the top of your search results.

8.4, January 2019

  • Feature Updates and Improvements
  • Fixed an issue when sending multiple files via Airdrop.
  • Text boxes now accurately paste formatted text.
  • Newly created text boxes use the previous backgrounds.
  • Fixed an issue where logging into OneDrive could fail silently for university and business accounts.
  • Squashed bugs related to adding new subjects.
  • Fixed formatting issues with converted files in Thai, Arabic, Hebrew and other right-to-left languages.

8.3, November 2018

8.2, August 2018

  • Feature Updates and Improvements
    • You can now use any font you've installed on your iPad. After you install a font with an app like iFont or AnyFont, the font will automatically appear in Notability's list of fonts.
    • Your recently used fonts now appear at the top of the font menu.
    • You can now use more built-in fonts for non-Roman characters.
    • When you use Text-to-Speech, Notability now detects the language of your selected text to read the text in a voice designed for that specific language.
    • When you make a new subject, it's now inserted below the currently selected subject.
    • Search is now even faster for long notes.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that made search results inaccurate after adding/removing pages.
    • Fixed a bug that disabled the “Keep iPad Awake” option after taking a picture in Notability.
    • Fixed a bug that made search highlights fail to appear.
    • Fixed a bug that made the page manager fail to open.

8.0, August 2018

This is a major update for Notability! We've added powerful new features: handwriting recognition, handwriting-to-text conversion, viewing two notes side-by-side (Multi-Note), switching between notes quickly without going back to the Library, and an updated Help Center.