Learn from your notes with Tape!

Cover study content (e.g. terms, definitions) with Tape and quiz yourself. Tap to reveal the hidden areas, and check to see if you had the right answer.

Add Tape

  1. Select right arrow in toolbar.png to expand the toolbox and then select tape.png.
    • Choose from three different sizes of tape. 
  2. Draw, as you typically would, over any note content that you’d like to hide and Tape will cover it.
    • When drawing vertically, hold to make a straight line first and then draw.
  3. Tap on tape to reveal the content.
    • A colored border will appear around the revealed area. Tap inside the outline to re-cover with tape.

Change Tape Color


This time for real - you asked, we delivered! Enjoy 3 new colors and textures for Tape 🎁✨ Try it now and let us know which one is your favorite!

♬ original sound - Notability

Remove Tape

  • Erase with Full Eraser to remove Tape from the area completely.

Sharing Notes with Tape

When exporting a note, Tape will not appear in the exported version.

Exception: If the note is uploaded to the Gallery with tape on it, then the tape will appear and work for anyone that downloads it from the Gallery in .note format.