Laser Pointer

Use the Laser Pointer to direct your audience’s attention to specific parts of the page when presenting or sharing your notes to others. 

Access Laser Pointer 

  1. Tap on theright in the toolbox and select laser.
  2. Use your finger or Apple Pencil to select and move the Laser Pointer around to emphasize the note content without leaving any markings on your note. 

Customize Laser Pointer

  1. Tap again on the laserand a second menu will appear in the toolbox.
  2. Customize the Laser Pointer’s color: red, blue, green, or yellow. 
  3. Select Tail (to emphasize content for a longer period of time) or No Tail.

Presentation Mode

Present your note in full screen, without any toolbars and menus, on compatible devices through AirPlay or when connected through an HDMI cable.

Use Multi-Note to view a secondary note which stays hidden from the main note while presenting. If you’d like to share your secondary note with the audience, go to Mirror and then choose Left or Right.

Any actions that you perform in Notability (for example: using the Page Manager, Magnifier, or viewing your library) will not be displayed to the audience on screen.

Tip: Use Single Page View with Presentation Mode so that your notes become slides for flipping through.