Settings: Appearances, Tools, & Gestures

Customize your settings and manage your account(s) for your note-taking needs.

Select mceclip2.png in the Library to access your Settings menu. 


  • Match Theme to iOS Appearance to match your device's system settings.
  • Enable Night Mode for a darker appearance. 
  • Enable Colorful Subjects creates a border around each subject; toggle it off for bullet points.
  • Customize the appearance with an assortment of themes, such as Light, Dark, Dark Blue, Jet Black, and more.


  • Add a Default Note Title, which will auto-populate the title section of a new note. 
    • Option to include date and/or time.
  • Select a Default Template, such as Plain, Rule, Grid, or Dot.
  • Choose from Seamless or Single Page view for your Default Note View.
  • Ruler Units: Metric or Imperial 
  • Select a default Text Box Paper; choose from a range of papers and colors.


  • Set a Default Font Style, including font, size, color, and more. 
  • Enable or disable Check Spelling.
  • Enable Tap anywhere to start typing anywhere on the note page.


  • Select a Language for Handwriting Recognition and Search
  • Turn Math Conversion on.
  • Straight Lines: Draw a line and hold to automatically straighten it.
  • Shapes Detection: Draw a shape, then hold your finger or stylus down to automatically detect it.
  • Palm Detection lets your palm rest anywhere while writing.


  • Undo Redo Gestures can be customized and used while working in a note:
    • 2 Finger Tap: 2 finger tap to undo, 3 finger tap to redo.
    • 3 Finger Swipe: 3 finger swipe left to undo, 3 finger swipe right to redo.